Town of Clifton Official Web Site

Welcome to historic Clifton, Arizona! We are a small town located in Southeastern Arizona at the begining of the Coronado Trail next to the largest Copper mine in North America, the Morenci Mine.  If you love adventure you'll love Clifton. Come and see all of the history, wilderness and the road with more right hand turns than any other.
Historic Chase Creek crica 1912

Clifton is the birthplace of Geronimo and the Route that the Conquistidor Coronado took to find the cities of gold.

George Jones wrote a song about Clifton, "Open Pit Mine" The SanFrancisco River runs right through town and is one of the few rivers that flow all year long in the arid Southwest.  There are many advetures that have happened here and you can feel the past on historic Chase Creek, a living ghost town. Clifton is truly one of Arizona's treasures. Come and experience it.